Time to Bring the Technically Creative Magic to You!

Photo of Time to Bring the Technically Creative Magic to You!

In a year full of twists and turns, we’ve decided to branch out. We believe that every visitor attraction, museum or family entertainment centre should be able to have a piece of Technically Creative brilliance for themselves. That’s why we are really pleased to announce our own range of magical products. Introducing… Step and Play, Town Planner, and Magic Sand Pit!


Step and Play!

Step and Play is a giant interactive keyboard that you play with your feet! Create your own melody by dancing your way across the keys. Watch as they illuminate under your feet and listen as the built-in speakers blast out your tune. The keyboard is tuned to replicate an authentic section of notes. You can play tunes from memory, follow a note guide, or just make musical fun!


Town Planner!

Town Planner is a totally unique interactive experience. Using the latest in sensory technology and creative programming, the hands-on interactive creates a virtual landscape. By placing our icon blocks on the screen, planes, boats, trains, and cars appear, following their own unique pathway. Watch as the town builds itself around the moving traffic, through the synchronised landscape screen. No two users will create the same environment, meaning it’s endless fun for everyone involved!


Magic Sandpit!

The Magic Sand Pit is a truly captivating interactive. Children are encouraged to dig and sculpt their own landscape, as our projector senses the depth and creates the interactive terrain. Dig trenches that fill with crystal blue water, build mountains that erupt as volcanoes and watch as your sandpit comes to life. Prehistoric creatures roam around your creation as if you are living 66 million years ago! The possibilities for this product are endless, and if you can dream it up, we can do it. Picture sculpting your own pyramid or digging a river as long as the Amazon.


Our Director Marc said “Our aim is to pioneer magical interactive and immersive experiences which are inspired by what we can make possible, against what is not currently out there. We are able to make fun features come to life!”

We’ve spent months carefully crafting and perfecting each of our products and we are so proud to finally be able to release them. Any visitor attraction, family entertainment centre, museum, or theme park can now be transformed into an interactive playground. All of our products are available to purchase now, meaning you can bring a piece of Technically Creative to your arena. The possibilities of these products are endless, with branding opportunities and our skilled programmers, we can tailor your product to your exact desires.

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