The Whitby Museum Ask Technically Creative to Bring Their History to Life

Photo of The Whitby Museum Ask Technically Creative to Bring Their History to Life

It’s not every day that you get news as good as this, but today’s one of those special days. We’ve been awarded a contract with the Whitby Museum. We’re going to be providing a range of audio-visual hardware and software exhibits, including touch screens, plinths and audio experiences.

The Whitby Museum has been around now for almost 200 years. It’s well known for its collections of local plants, shells, butterflies, beetles and fish, alongside large models of wooden ships, a huge part of the coastal town’s history. Over the years the museum has grown massively, almost doubling in size in 2005, creating loads more room for galleries, exhibitions, a costume store, and a tearoom. But we aren’t going there just to sit and drink tea, as nice as that sounds!

As part of our project with the Whitby Museum, we’re going to be creating a digital photography database, containing decades of photographs from around Whitby. We want guests to be able to flick through the database with ease, so we’ve decided on using touchscreen plinths to allow visitors to dive deep into the history of the town. Through a split monitor installation with a special digital audio experience, visitors are going to be able to view interviews with the actual photographers responsible for the images, which we think is really cool. We’re also going to add multiple touchscreen plinths, to allow guests to access visual displays, and crisp audio at each exhibit.

As always, Marc is ready for any challenge that comes his way, “This project really intrigued us from the start, coming up with a solution for guests at the museum to be able to browse both imagery and audio. Thankfully, with our skills in interactive exhibits, we’re able to provide a solution that can do both. We love being able to use modern technology to bring history to life, and we can’t wait to get started!”

As always, all of the work for this project will be programmed and fabricated at our headquarters, before being installed on site. Stay tuned to our news page for more developments, including our work with Whitby Museum and the other projects we’re currently working hard on. In the meantime, we wish you and your families well, and look forward to you visiting our projects as soon as it’s safe to do so!

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