Introducing the Vigilante Group

Photo of Introducing the Vigilante Group

There’s no stopping us here at Technically Creative, we’re delighted to announce our ground-breaking collaboration with award-winning designers, producers, and event specialists to launch the mighty Vigilante Group.

Together, the spectacular six companies will be a force to be reckoned with, offering world-class bespoke services in all things creative. Advertising, film, construction, digital experiences, and design are just some of the Group’s spectacular specialities.

So, who is joining Technically Creative at the Vigilante Group?

  • Cod Steaks – Award-winning design and build artisans focusing on Museums, Branded Attractions, Theme Parks, Marketing and Art Installations
  • Burning Reel – Award-winning film producers, creators of outstanding advertising awareness campaigns, animation, and documentaries
  • Creep – Talented London-based post-production company, specialising in visual effects and animation
  • AFew – Expert creators of digital experiences and implementation services, specialising in interactive PR assets
  • Arcadia – First-class staging event specialists, focusing on festivals and shows

Commenting on the collaboration, Marc Broadbent, our Founder and Director said: “I am so excited, for the companies, including our own that have come together to form this exciting new collaboration. The Vigilante Group showcases the culmination of the achievements by so many of the dedicated creative teams within the group.

“We have united to provide unequalled results with a painless delivery, giving the client the best services for any creative project – watch this space – The Vigilante Group is a force to be reckoned with!”

To discover more about the Vigilante Group or to see the magnificent showreel click here.

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