Introducing our collaboration with Safety Central!

Photo of Introducing our collaboration with Safety Central!

It has been an incredibly busy year for Technically Creative and we aren’t ready to put the foot on the brakes just yet. We are pleased to announce our latest venture, which will see us lead the major technical maintenance works for Safety Central, Cheshire’s interactive life-skills centre.

The team are delighted to have been awarded the technical maintenance contract for the UK’s newest safety centre. Safety Central in Lymm Cheshire is an award-winning educational experience, the 4.5m indoor themed village showcases the latest technology to simulate a wide range of hazards and risks within an immersive and interactive themed setting. The facilities showcase an awe-inspiring experience.

Mark Shone Centre Manager commented ‘’We are delighted to welcome Technically Creative to be our trusted partner, to help maintain our award-winning centre.  The team at Technically Creative offer a first-class reliable service of maintenance and creative innovation.”

Our Founder and Director, Marc, said “The centre is such a valuable teaching tool for the local community for both young and old visitors, it really is an honour to be awarded the maintenance contract.”

“With so many of us involved with the original project installation, it really makes total sense that we support the Safety Centre. It’s a delight to be working with the Safety Central team again!”

What is Safety Central?

Owned by Cheshire Fire and Rescue service, Safety Central is an interactive life-skill centre, with four multi-sensory themed zones that help children to learn about the hazards and dangers we could face in our day-to-day lives. The attraction focuses on fire safety and road safety, but also helps visitors tackle issues including mental health, diversity and inclusion, which we know is so important and made this project a no-brainer for us.

What will we be doing?

We’ve been awarded the maintenance contract to support all of the Safety Centre’s interactive displays, including their digital and physical interactives. This means that for the next three years we’ll maintain the theming, audio visual and physical interactives, along with the thematic IT deliveries. Fun fact: Four of the original project design and installation team are now members of the Technically Creative family!

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