Using interactives to bring visitor centres to life and engage visitors

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You may be aware of one of our latest projects, the ‘Rampion Wind Farm Visitor Centre’. There we created and installed two bespoke software interactive games. Well, this isn’t the only visitor centre we’ve had the pleasure of working with, quite the opposite in fact! We’ve previously helped the ‘IOC Olympic Museum’ excite their guests and create a real wow factor. Not to mention our projects with the ‘Robin Hood Bay Maritime Centre’, and the ‘Land’s End Visitor Centre’. That means we are well equipped to share with you some ways in which we use interactives to bring visitor centres to life, in this month’s blog.


The power of technology

Interactive technology is so key to engaging visitors. Gone are the days when guests are stimulated by graphic panels alone. Now, through interactive models or screens, and some Technically Creative magic, we can immerse visitors in the experience and ensure they return again and again. One of our main aims is to make the features of the visitor centre more memorable. Whether we are looking to complement an existing setting or create an entirely new experience. We use projection, touchscreens, audio, and most recently, and most recently bespoke creative digital animation landscaping, to help bring visitor centres environment to life.


Now, as mentioned before, every client we work with has a different vision and understanding of what is possible in today’s world. We enjoy giving a helping hand to those who aren’t quite aware of just what is possible. Bearing in mind, rather than dictating new directions, we should simply showcase what technology is available and the possibilities it provides.


Thank you Thomas Edison!

Think of a time when Grand Theatres used gas lamps to illuminate their stages. Then suddenly, electricity was installed, and the possibilities of lighting effects changed the face of production forever! Soon after that, special effects were created and the world of technological advancement in visitor attraction design began. All the while, the opulence and personality of the theatre remained, just in a better light!

This is exactly how we approach our responses. We engage with our clients, whilst respecting the presentation of the attraction to date. We can refresh traditional visitor centres where heritage is key, with traditional design, theming and fit-out, twinned with the latest in creative technology and sensory effects. The result? The same visitor attraction and storyline, but a thrillingly advanced level of experience!


It’s not all top secret…

Other than the projects mentioned earlier, we can think of a couple of real stand-out visitor centres we’ve worked with. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you about one of our current projects, which is a highly guarded secret for now, but upon its unveiling will change the game in the realms of visitor experience and creative technology, so stay tuned!

One we can tell you about is our project with the White Tower at the Tower of London. Here, the client team wanted us to replace an existing exhibit with a more reliable solution, whilst retaining its integrity. We put our thinking hats on and delivered a fun-filled exhibit, including redesigning the gaming software for their Cavalry Sword game. We used skeletal feedback through a webcam that fed back into the real-time gaming system. Let me tell you, splitting cabbages has never been so much fun!

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