Launching our new audio visual content management system

Photo of Launching our new audio visual content management system

Technically Creative’s in-house programming team has developed an Audio Visual content management system (CMS) that enables our clients to easily manage the content and control of their integrated AV systems. Built around the latest web technologies, our system is built to support both desktop and mobile devices such as a desktop PC, or an iPad by using responsive design.

The CMS is customised independently for each installation using a set of templates that we have pioneered and developed, allowing everything from uploading mp3 for background music, to curating a video playlist for an advertising display. Further to this, we can harness its flexibility to generate content for web-based displays such as pricing boards, displays and other forms of interpretation. The system is built with custom modules controlling the back end processes, further allowing for future hardware to be supported in terms of content management. We strive to make all operational tasks as uncomplicated and user friendly as possible. Just drag and drop your content over ! Simple

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