2020 – A year in review

Photo of 2020 – A year in review

Well, you don’t need us to tell you that this year has been stranger than ever. If you’d told us last year that 2020 would have us wearing masks and fighting over toilet roll, I’d have told you to lay off the sherry! As a sector, we’ve worked tirelessly together to ensure that this industry comes back fighting fit. We’ve made many new friends along the way, and we can’t wait to kick on in 2021 and continue to bring the world some Technically Creative magic! With that being said, let’s take a look back over just how 2020 panned out…

What a way to kick things off!

We kicked off the year with a major project over in Athens, The Xplore Family Entertainment Centre. Production started for the attraction back in September 2019, which seems a lifetime ago now! We worked on three different zones at Xplore: ‘Adventureland’, ‘Exploratorium’, and ‘The Oceans’. Here we created 15 different interactives. These included Laser Harp and Motion Graffiti. There was even a Giant Piano (which you may know as ‘Step and Play’, but more on that later).

One of our favourite interactives we created for Xplore is ‘Pedal Power’. Here, visitors create their own ‘virtual power’. Our system senses how many users are playing and adjusts the power output accordingly, meaning you can work together or alone to supercharge THE MEGATRON!

The pandemic…

Then came the pandemic! How dramatic! The world came to a standstill. Attractions and theme parks closed, and a weekly trip to the supermarket became the only thing to look forward to. Not ideal, but this didn’t stop the Technically Creative team. We took our work home with us, and the guys kept on designing the ultimate in attractions. With a couple of little helpers, of course!

As lockdown 1 came to an end, we got back out there! The Whitby Museum approached us to help bring their history to life, and at almost 200 years old, there was a lot. For our project with the Whitby Museum, we created a digital photography database, containing decades worth of photographs from the historic town. We used touchscreen plinths to give visitors the opportunity to dive deep into the archives themselves. We also included a special digital audio experience, where guests can view interviews with the photographers responsible for all of the fantastic images we’ve archived. An intriguing project for us, and always an honour to help bring history to life!

We then headed over to Goathland, which viewers of ITV’s ‘Heartbeat’ may know as ‘Aidensfield’, to help out our friends at The Goathland Village Hall. Here, we installed a short-throw projector and a motorised screen, as well as new theatrical lighting and controls. Our installation here was much needed, as the current theatrical lighting had been there since the 1970s! We helped bring the hall into the 21st century, and we’ve left knowing that they’re much better equipped for the digital age.

Meet Clive!

August saw our team get a little bit bigger, and a lot more experienced and creative, with the introduction of our Creative Development Manager, Clive Powell. Clive began his career as a commercial illustrator and marketing professional, before making the jump into the leisure attraction arena. With his passion and knowhow, we simply couldn’t wait to get him onboard. Clive’s portfolio contains projects with plenty of major attractions, including the likes of Sundown Adventureland, Paulton’s Park, Drayton Manor, Sea-Life and Blackpool Tower. Not bad eh!

Products like you’ve never seen before…

Then in one of our biggest developments, we launched our very own range of magic products. Now we aren’t talking Technically Creative branded mugs and pens, no, these products are unlike any others.

Step and Play is the giant interactive keyboard you play with your feet. The keys illuminate from under your feet (Think Michael Jackson in the Billie Jean video) as the built-in speakers blast out your tune.

Town Planner is a totally unique interactive experience. Using the latest in sensory technology, you can create your own virtual landscape. By placing icon blocks on the screen, planes, trains, boats and cars magically appear and navigate their way around your virtual world.

Magic Sand Pit is a truly captivating interactive. Users dig and sculpt their own landscape before watching our projector bring it to life in real-time. Watch as dinosaurs roam the land, and volcanoes erupt.

See, I told you these weren’t just any products!

Never fear, the Vigilante Group is here!

The end of this year has seen us join forces with 5 other attraction superheroes. Meet the mighty ‘Vigilante Group’, specialising in advertising, film, construction, digital experiences and design. If you haven’t already met the group, allow me to introduce you to: Cod Steaks, Burning Reel, Creep, AFew, and Arcadia. We’re really looking forward to collaborating with these innovative companies on future projects, starting next year! You can find out more about Vigilante Group by clicking here and make sure to check out our awesome showreel here.

Goodbye 2020…Hello 2021

And that brings us right up to date. Hopefully, next year will see the world return to something a little more normal. A world where we can meet up with friends and family, and enjoy brilliant days out to attractions, theme parks and museums. Regardless, our team is going to head into the new year with our spirits up, ready to make magic happen. We’ve got a very exciting project being delivered early in the new year that is going to make the headlines, so stay tuned! We’re also looking forward to inviting our clients and industry partners to visit our development showroom, as soon as it’s safe to do so. Prepare to have your minds blown!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We cant wait to see what 2021 will bring!

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